Shortlisted--Day 37

I went to grab some fro-yo with a girlfriend the other night and she was kind enough to snap these pics. (Thanks, Liz!)

There wasn't much inherently "girly" about this outfit. The shirt is from the Men's section, the shorts are plain khaki, my shoes are flats, but yet, I felt feminine but comfortable in the sweltering heat.The black T and the cream flower reminded me a bit of Chanel. (You know, on a beer budget.)

(I'm going to be completely honest here, and tell you that the ONLY reason I posted this photo is because I really like the way my legs look in it. 
Vain, much? 

card catalog:
                    tee--American Apparel
                    flower pin--H&M
                    shoes--J. Crew

(53/90 to go!)


IFB said...

Cute outfit, its very summery!
Cara from IFB

Elizabeth said...

again... super cute!

btw, i'm so glad you suggested bloglovin'. it's great!

KaraL said...

I want to grab Fro yo! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

I love this.

And I am totally a fan of the tilted pose. I do it all the time.

gospelofstyle said...

I just found your blog via Already Pretty and I love it!! Good for you with not shopping for 90 days--that's amazing! Plus everything is super cute!!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

hey i found you via already pretty--this is such a cute look--you have terrific style!

Scholar Style Guide said...

I love the unexpected blue shoe with this otherwise neutral outfit! You look great in shorts!


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I just came across your blog, and I'm liking what I see!

I love the floral pin with this! And I greatly admire your shopping ban (I was on one during the first part of the year).

Lorena said...

What a cute outfit... my favorites are the shoes !