Date Night--Day 34

Saturday night, The Boyfriend got back into town from work, and I took a break from my very busy schedule of keeping up with The Kardashians. 

Since his work weeks tend to be pretty long, I asked if I could plan our evening. We started out at our favorite park for a picnic, then went to the drive-in to see "The A-Team". Let me just save you $10: That movie is all about things exploding and the best supporting actor is Bradley Cooper's abs. 

I love our date nights. We are totally that couple that thinks having one night a week just to reconnect is crucial and hope that we're setting a good pattern by starting them now. We also try to not just go to dinner and rent a movie, so it's fun to try to be creative on a budget. (If you want, leave a comment with your favorite summer activity for a date!)

This dress was maybe the best sale score of my life. I bought it during one of Gap's 40% off all merchandise sales three years ago. It was marked $9.99, but with the discount, it was only $5.99! After a few wears, slipping it over my head ripped the front about 3 inches, but I was able to repair it Friday on my sewing machine by disguising it as a pleat. I'm very glad to have it back in the rotation for the summer. 

card catalog:
                   hat--Eugenia Kim for Target
                   dress--Gap (off the sale rack for $5.99!)
                   shoes--Nine West

(56/90 to go!)


Elizabeth said...

Cute outfit! I need to take a lesson from you on accessorizing. I love the necklace and the hat.

You're doing a great job of mixing up your outfits and keeping it interesting (not just same basic shapes in different colors).

Lorena said...

How very pretty!
I adore dresses with fedoras... it's like girl meets boy and girl wins.