Day 25--Return of the Blog

I could totally understand if you thought I fell off the blog wagon.

I didn't. I just had some issues with co-ordinating a photographer. It's hard when he's out of town every other week. But I think we (he) fixed the problem and will be sending me photos via a shared file online.

I have some plans as far as showcasing what we missed over the last 10 days. And don't worry, I didn't shop! 

In other big news in my life, I had my last day at school yesterday. It was a sad, but fairly anticlimactic moment. I handed in my badge and walked out the door for the last time towards a new opportunity that I'm alternately excited and scared about, but because I think blogging and working should maintain a certain separation, I won't be blogging about it. Let's just say I absolutely believe in what I'm doing now and its purpose.

This white lacy shirt and I are meant to be together, I guess. I have tried to give this top away twice now, and it has come back both times.

I bought it at Gap about 3 years ago after lusting after it for months. It finally went on sale, but the only size left was a 6. Which is about 3 sizes bigger than I wear. I bought it anyway, hoping it would work. Because it's big in the shoulders, I've thought about taking it in, but it would ruin the beautiful eyelet detailing on the shoulders and neckline. So I just plan on hitching the sleeves back up and wearing a cami underneath. 

Also, I am loving the denim "trend" right now. That's all over all the stores and magazines, how denim and chambray are a trend! And maybe that's just showing my lack of knowledge about fashion, because I'm all, excuse me, when has denim NOT been a trend, ever?

(Hi. I live in Oklahoma.) 

The shorts were, until yesterday, a pair of Gap jeans that I had picked up at Plato's. The bottoms were frayed and they were just a tiny bit too short, so I decided to "DIY"* them into a boyfriend style. I found a pair of shorts I liked the length of, lined the seams up with the jeans and chopped, then folded the bottoms up so I could see the red selvage seams. (I have a thing for red seams on jeans...) 

Aren't you impressed with my super crafting capabilites? I'm practically Martha, I know. 

card catalogue:
                      sunglasses--Ann Taylor Loft
                      top--Gap (summer '06!)
                      shorts--Gap via Plato's/DIY*
                      shoes--Old Navy

(65/90 left to go!)

*I just think it's kinda silly to say "DIY" for using a pair of scissors to make ONE cut...much more impressive are the DIY ladies that repurpose a garment into something totally new by actually sewing. Chastize me thoroughly in the comments if you disagree. 

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Elizabeth said...

A new post! Yay! Do you ever feel, when you check your favorite blogs and discover new posts, like a kid on Christmas who found a present under the tree they hadn't seen before? Yeah... glad you're posting again.