Day 28--Twice as Nice

A few weeks ago, I was bemoaning to The Boyfriend about how I can't shop, which is like, the worst thing ever, blah, blah, blah, and was browsing Anthropologie's website when I saw the Double Torsade necklace. It beckoned, me sparkling. It was beautiful. It was $28.

"Look!" I shouted to TB. "Isn't it wonderful?"

And then Glee came back from commercial and nothing more was said, until a few days later, when I confessed to TB that I had purchased the necklace. (Jewelry isn't included in the ban.)

His eyes expanded in that rapid way that lets me know something's up.

"You DID? I just ordered that today for you for our anniversary!"


I sent the one I ordered back. 

So, basically, my boyfriend listens to hints. Which why I totally would like to state here, why, yes, I sure would like an iPhone 4.  And perhaps a snow cone. 

The other cool thing about this outfit is that I made the skirt! I found the tutorial online from Susan of Freshly Picked here. I invited a friend over for a little sewing party, and FOUR hours later, a skirt!

After looking at all the tutorials, I went ahead and added contrasting pockets.

Let's just all agree not to notice my cuticles, okay?

I love the versatility of this skirt. And how, when paired with the tube top, it totally looks like a high-end dress. I'm sure I'll be making more of these!

card catalog:
                  tube top--Old Navy
                  shoes--Forever 21

(62/90 to go!)


Elizabeth said...

Totally love the way the skirt looks with the tube top and necklace... well done! I'm not so pleased with my tank dress, so I may try doing a few skirts like yours, instead, for a little more versatility.

Anonymous said...

also... i want to sew things! i need hemming help. so, help?

Laura said...

Epi, what do you need to hem?