Military--Day 33

I've been loving the trends this spring. Floral, romantic, girly on one end. Safari, military chic on the other. And all of it sticking mostly to neutral colors. Finding a place where the three meet suits me just fine!

These pants were almost given away, but as I was going through my "donate" pile, I pulled them back out to try on and realized 1) they were very "on" right now, even though I bought them several years ago and 2) they fit again. You gotta love the cyclical ways of fashion (and weight gain). 

I had so much fun shooting with these flowers that I asked TB to take a Senior photo. 

card catalog:
                    rosette cami--Charlotte Russe
                    tank--Old Navy
                    cargo pants--The Limited
                    flat sandals--Gap 

(57/90 to go!)


KaraL said...

I love this blog...its like when I don't get to see you for a few days, I can see what you wore and pretend we met up for a few minutes! Love you.

Scholar Style Guide said...

I really like how you've paired this feminine top with the cargo pants. I don't buy these kinds of pants because I feel like they always look slobby on me, but this is a good way to make them look chic!