Bouquet Toss--Day 30

I'm just going to out myself as a wedding grinch. 

I really don't like bouquet tosses.

Maybe it's because I've never caught one before. Maybe it's because I think they're humiliating, in general. The garter toss, too. (And really, if you think about it, those guys are all clamoring to catch a piece of the bride's underwear...in front of her entire family.)

Usually, I avoid going out to try and catch the bouquet, but if I'm say, a bridesmaid, I feel obligated. So I stand in the back and nervously eye the other girls to see if they're going to go for it.

This time, though, it was announced and TB asked if I was going to go line up. 

"Nope," I said.

"Just go," he said.

So, for some reason, I did. But I still really didn't want the thing.

All the other girls had their hands up, so I raised mine, too.

The bride turned, covered her eyes and threw the flowers DIRECTLY INTO MY LEFT HAND.

I'm not really sure what protocol is regarding these things, but I'm pretty sure catching it and immediately dropping would be bad form. 

So I kept it. And....I kinda like that I caught it. 

card catalog:
                  dress--The Limited
                  sandals--Nine West

If you haven't gone over to Already Pretty and seen all the ladies who are participating, do it! Everyone looks great and like they're having so much fun!

Since not wearing black is fairly easy for me, I decided to go ahead and not have any black in accessories or clothing (even patterns). We'll see how it goes!

(60/90 to go!)


KaraL said...

for good reason you should not like the bouquet toss! :D NONE at my wedding. I think little Ev will be disappointed.

Elaine said...

So when are you guys getting married? ;) Ha! JK. You look fabulous. Love that maxi on you!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Laura said...

Kara--I think the Flower Princess will be happy enough. I sure won't tell her that she's missing a bouquet toss!

Elaine--That's the question I've been asking! :) Afterwards, TB totally looked at me meaningfully and said, "There are no accidents, you know!" Which was SO not fair!

Scholar Style Guide said...

At my wedding, I did the bouquet toss, but I made sure the MC explained that it was optional, because I felt ambivalent about it while I was single, too. And I did NOT do the garter. Ew. I've been uncomfortable watching that at every wedding I've attended. Especially when the groom makes a big production of crawling under the bride's dress.

Love this maxi!