Un-Spoke-n--Day 66

I felt very "Roman Holiday" as I was taking these pictures. Then catastrophe struck. 

Everyone, meet my new Hercules Tourist 3-speed. I love him, even though his green paint was probably done by a 10-year-old boy using a mop. I bought him knowing that he would be a project. His rough edges and bright kelly green have earned him the name "The Hulk". 

Thirty seconds after I took this photo, I must have angered The Hulk, because he about took off my foot and I took out 3 of his front spokes. Replacing the spokes is now at the top of the list, because it's totally not ride-able now. 

At least I got my picture in first.

card catalog:
                  silk tank--Gap

(24/90 to go!)


Twilight--Day 61

After being rained out Friday, I was able to have my garage sale yesterday, waking up at 5 a.m. to move all the furniture outside and winding up at 3, exhausted but $357 richer!

Let me tell you, there are some CRAZIES that come to garage sales, like the women that made me write them a receipt on the back of an old Wal-Mart receipt for $27 worth of merchandise. There were also some great people that The Boyfriend and I got to talk to, including the couple that we're totally going to be in 20 years. 

So it was fun, but thank God it's over. 

We spent the afternoon sleeping while "watching" Footloose to recover, then ran errands. I remembered to catch the OOTD just as the sun was going down. 

I have had some readers request my items for "30 for 30". Soon, I promise. This week was just too crazy. 

(I need to work on making my face as cute as my poses...)

card catalogue:
                      linen shirt--Gap
                      skirt--Charlotte Russe

(29/90 to go!)


The Bachelorette--Day 60

Blogworld, meet Kara. Kara is a good friend of mine, who just happens to be getting married next Friday. 

Tonight, we celebrated her marriage with a shower and her bachelorette party, and she informed me that I had gotten her hooked on fashion blogs. 

And it's true. I kinda did. Just like my friend Liz got me hooked on them. 

So then, after saying that, Kara asked if I thought she was cute enough to be in my photo today. And, because she's the bride, I said, "I do!"

(She's always super cute. And she's a great photographer!)

card catalog:
Kara:                                                                                 Laura:
        tank--Loft                                                                           top--Target                     
        necklace--Lisa Leonard                                                        bracelet--Wal-Mart
        skirt--Loft                                                                           white jeans--Abercrombie
        sandals--Old Navy                                                                pumps--Old Navy

(30/90 to go!)


Saved!--Day 59

So here's some Thursday morning fashion math:

One-half of this outfit was rescued from my Goodwill pile. One-fourth belonged to my mother back in the '70s. One-fourth was $5. 

And I think that makes this outfit one-whole awesome. 

I was shopping in Gap months ago and saw this shirt:

And I thought, "Hmm...that looks familiar!" And then a week later I found myself at my parent's house, looking for old board games when I saw a chambray shirt sticking out of my brothers' and I's old dress-up clothes. I have fond memories of using it to be a policewoman.

It has a '70s collar with stays and is a Sears' store brand. My mom totally wore it back in college. Of course, I immediately stole it. 

The skirt was sitting in the "donate" box for several months because the hem fell out. But as I was sorting things, I remembered that, hey, I can sew now. I'm not sure that I'm sold on it's current length, but it'll do. 

The belt was facing a similar fate because it had always made me feel more like a weightlifter than I'd like. (Which would be, at all, I suppose.)

So I brought them back into my closet, and then to the "30 for 30" in order to fully integrate them. (P.S. Have you checked out the remixers for "30 for 30" yet? There's some great ladies joining in)

(31/90 to go!)


Studly--Day 58

I did something different for these photos and took my photos in the front yard. Several neighbors drove by, slowed down and then sped off. It's probably safe to assume that they think I'm crazy now. Good thing I'm moving soon!

This outfit started with the shoes and took off. They drove it to a place I rarely go and I wasn't sure I was pulling off, and then a nice woman in Target complimented my outfit. And since she was also shopping at Target, I knew I could trust her judgment. 

I started with the clogs, then added the ripped jeans, studded T & belt. Then I found myself stacking on jewelry. Three rings, earrings and a charm bracelet just to girl-ify the outfit back a little. I felt it balanced out the studs on the shoes, tee, belt and ring. I hardly ever wear this much jewelry. 

Not gonna lie, though, I felt a little bit Rock 'n Roll. 

These clogs are the best ever. They found me, I think. I had been salivating over the Hasbeens ones, but knew that, at $228, they would NEVER be in my price range. And then, one magical day at Plato's, I found these beauties for about $216 less. That, friends, is a bargain. (And here's the same style on ebay in brown, size 7.) 

card catalog:
                  rings--Fossil, Laundry, Vintage 
                  belt--Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart
                  clogs--Madden via Plato's

(32/90 to go!)


It's a Man's World--Day 57

Sometimes, I look at other bloggers and wonder why it was they chose the outfit that they did that day. Today, mine was fairly simple, mostly because I'm in the midst of moving and organizing for a garage sale, so I needed something I could move in, and minus the heels, I could totally do that. 

I also had a casual family birthday party, so after moving/organizing, I just added the hat and heels and felt ready to go. Poof! Cuter outfit! I was comfortable, but liked the menswear accessories with a vintage touch. 

I know I've been saying this for a few days, but I finally did send my link to Kendi Everyday and throw in on the "30 for 30" challenge. I figured a) I'm already not shopping and b) it will be easier to pack if I only need to leave 30 items out! I'm a bit nervous, but after I planned out the outfits, realized that it's totally do-able.

My one "cheat" is that I'm in a wedding in a few weeks, so I'm not counting my bridesmaid's dress and shoes. So, really, it's 32 for 30. I think that means I'm an overachiever.

There's quite a few women participating, and so many have great "30's" picked out. It's going to be quite an inspiring 30 days for me, I think.  This will be a first for me, in that I'm going to link to each re-mix throughout the challenge, as well.

30 for 30 Banner
card catalog:
fedora--Eugenia Kim for Target
earrings--Forever 21
t--American Apparel
charm bracelet--vintage
jeans--J. Crew

(33/90 to go!)


Tee-ing Off--Day 56

This weekend, the boyfriend and I stayed with a college roommate and her husband. They, we decided, are the best hosts ever. They fed us, entertained us, and took us to a liquor store that actually sells 6-point beer. 

We were in heaven. 

This color combination isn't one that I typically would have put together. I actually saw a college student (a.k.a. much younger woman) at my work's annual conference wearing this dress with a similar color cardigan and thought "Genius!"

So, thank you, girl-who-I-don't-know-with-amazing-style. You're amazing. Also, you had cuter shoes than me. 

Our friends conveniently live on a golf course. Which conveniently matched my outfit. It was nice of them to pick a home based on what worked best for me, no? 

card catalog:
                    cardigan--Old Navy
                    jersey dress--Target
                    gladiators--Steve Madden

(34/90 to go!)


(Fifty-)Fourth--Day 55

Confession: I am not someone given to wearing red, white and blue on the Fourth. This is as close as I get. Linen and khaki are somewhat ubiquitous with Americana, though, right?

And I feel somewhat as though these pictures look as though I'm on a safari or something. The light was beautiful. 
I'm planning to do Kendi's "30 for 30", but since I'm out of town for the holiday, I can't post the 30 items just yet. I'm pretty excited to get to participate!

card catalog:
                    linen shirt--Gap
                    green sandals--Nine West

(35/90 to go!)


Focused--Day 54

My photos are a point of frustration. I bought a camera remote a few weeks ago, but it's somehow not auto-focusing when I shoot. So the effect is a little blurry. Or maybe we could all just call it "artistic". Let's go with that. 

This was a risky outfit for me, but I feel like somehow it all worked. The neutral shoe and top ground the skirt and belt, which are similar enough in color to "go". I wore this to get Chik-Fil-A with a friend. (Mmmm...nuggets and waffle fries...)

card catalog:
                   striped shirt--Gap
                   belt--Old Navy
                   shoes--Nine West

(36/90 to go!)


Evolution--Day 53

It's HOT where I live. And it doesn't help that the humidity is about 137%, so I've been wearing lots of shorts and tanks, which, yes, those are my outfits, but hardly blog-worthy. 

I thought I found a loophole, though. It had rained and was "cold" (78 degrees), so I thought I could get away with jeans and this lightweight shirt that had been sitting in my closet all alone. This outfit made me feel very "Gardening in the Hamptons," if of course, I had staff to do the actual gardening. And a garden. And a house in the Hamptons. Maybe Martha Stewart and I could do a home exchange. 

card catalog: 
                   white jeans--Abercrombie (old...)
                   yellow wedges--Old Navy

And then the sun came out. It was hot again. So I changed.

card catalog: 
                T-shirt--Thakoon for Target

I thought I would be okay, but then the temperature jumped up another 10 degrees and my poor A/C could barely keep up. Another change was in order:

(Oh, look! A blue skirt!)

card catalog: 
                  skirt--Old Navy
                  sandals--Cynthia Vincent for Target

(37/90 to go!)