What I Bought, Part 4--Day 93

So, what does this need for control mean? Why keep accumulating clothes?

I'm going to go ahead and state that by no means do I think shopping is evil, buying things is bad, nor do I intend to ever give it up or attempt to persuade you to do so. This is really just me processing a lot of stuff. And yes, being somewhat intense about it.

I think it's an inherently human quality to want to accumulate "stuff". And maybe even more likely if you're an American. I heard it said recently that the ultimate American Dream is "to have enough money to do what I want, when I want, how I want to do it".

And I think I mostly agree with that, although I'd add the caveat of "as long as it doesn't hurt someone else." But I think that's the message we're getting from...somewhere. Maybe the media. Maybe society. Maybe, we're all just pre-wired to be self-serving jerks. And then we like to whine about other people who are bigger jerks.

But here's the thing: The American Dream goes against everything I personally believe in. I want to be an open, loving person who isn't just seeking to further myself or my agenda.

So how do my shopping habits connect with that?

If, for me, shopping is fulfilling a need for control that's not being fulfilled elsewhere, and if, for me, I think it's that I'm doing this shopping