The Rules

In August, I'm packing up my things and moving out of state to start a new job in a field that I love. This transition marks a good time to do a few things: 

1. Purge my overfilled closet.

2. Save some pennies. 

So I decided that, in order to do that, I'd stop shopping for clothing, at least until I move. I've set the day to resume shopping for after my big move, on August 8. This means I'm not shopping for 90 days and will only shop my own closet, remixing and posting outfits. 

Here's how I'm limiting myself:

1. No purchasing of clothes from retail, resale, ebay, garage sales or thrift stores.

2. No purchasing of shoes from any of the above.

3. No purchasing of gifts of clothing or shoes for others. 

4. Gifts purchased for me are allowed. And, yes, entirely selfish of me given Rule 3. 

5. Any item purchased in violation of Rules 1 & 2 must be worn daily for the duration of the 90 Days Challenge. 

In order to keep myself accountable, I started this blog. I'm glad you've stopped by.