Theater Date--Day 7

You may have known this, but I just figured it out: 

It's darn hard to take photos in a poorly lit parking garage. And embarrassing, if you are the kind of person who gets nervous when large groups of people walk by. I do. 

I've never really been someone who is comfortable in front of the camera. Any time I have a picture taken, I look at photos after and very rarely like them. But this little blog's photos are helping me to look at pictures of myself without cringing. 

In this shot, my hand is a bit blurry, but it was the best one. We're both still working on the angles and things. I'm hoping as he learns better shots, I learn better posing. (For example, if he angles the camera down at me AT ALL, I look a little stumpy. We learned that last night. That's why I'm waving at you here...HI!) 

The Boyfriend and I, thanks to my lovely momma, went to the Theater last night and saw a Cirque show. I wore the outfit below, while The Boyfriend wore gray pants and a white shirt with his tie. So we basically matched. Which isn't my favorite. Although I read that that's actually a thing in Japan among dating couples. So I'm choosing to believe we were following a world trend instead of just being dorky. 

card catalogue:
                      silk tunic--Gap
                      necklace--Forever 21
                      pencil skirt--The Limited

(83/90 to go)


Epi.Chooses.Joy said...

love love love this one. seriously. love.

(also, the blue dress below is hott. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.)

Kara said...

LOVE it! Cute pic too.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with the other comments... SUCH a cute pic of you.

(Also, I'm very proud of you for getting through two "formal" events this weekend w/o shopping... those are some of the hardest b/c it feels like you have a great excuse.)