Rainy Day Rules--Day 5

This morning at 5 a.m., tornado sirens went off. Only they weren't for tornadoes, they were for wind gusts up to 100 mph. Several schools (as well as many local homes) in my district lost power and the school board cancelled all schools today. Luckily, we have power, so I get to catch up on my Tivo and run errands, feeling only slightly guilty. We don't even have to make the missed day up. 

This outfit (and, I suppose, nature) lets me showcase my fun houndstooth rainboots. I see rainboots out and about often, even if it's not rainy, with shorts, and I get that and all, but I think it's fun to use them for their functional purpose. 
I got the blazer (which is made of nylon) at H&M almost 7 years ago. It's my stand-in for a trench. I love this shade of green. The skinny jeans are J. Crew Matchstick, which I think are the only jeans I really ever wear (I have 3 pair in different colors.) The yellow umbrella was my gramma's, and turned inside out seconds before taking photos. It also has a huge inkstain on it. I still love it. 

Card catalogue: 
                           striped T--American Eagle
                           necklace--Ann Taylor
                           skinny jeans--J. Crew
                           umbrella--Gramma's Hall closet

Since we're 5 days into this whole thing, I thought I'd share the rules of "90 days" with both of my readers. (Hi, darlings!)

The Rules
1. No new clothes. This includes retail, thrifting, ebaying and garage sale-ing. Borrowing is okay, as is gifting. 

My sweet boyfriend asked if he could still buy me clothing as a gift. Um...YES. Also, perfect example of why he’s a keeper. He absolutely knows I’ll be clawing the walls by Day 32 itching to go to Target and buy anything I can get my grubby, shopping-deprived hands on. 

2. No new shoes. Retail, thrifting, garage saleing, ebay, etc. The exception is for a ONE pair that go with a bridesmaid’s dress for a wedding in July. You’d better believe I’m going to milk that shopping op.

Also, I realized that sometimes shopping is the point, not just buying something for me. So I toyed with allowing myself to buy clothing as gifts. And then I realized that while The Boyfriend would have a fashionable, trendy wardrobe by the end of 90 days, I would have saved no money and this whole project would have been a waste of Spring’s current clearance sales. 

3. No purchasing clothing for others. Anywhere. 

And I think that’s pretty much it. I tried to cover all my loopholes, but may have missed some, in which case, I’ll be posting the additional rules. Anyone have any thoughts on things I should add? 

(85/90 to go)

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Beth said...

um...you rock. really, you do.