Jeep Thrills--Day 12

This weekend is totally kicking my butt. Not that I'm super busy, really, but there's just a lot of transitions on the horizon and it all became very real yesterday. I know it's just Sunday morning, but I already think a nap and some ice cream will be on the day's agenda! 

As we play around with photos, The Boyfriend often does these angled shots. I'm not sure what I think of them yet. I'm trying to be arty, but my face totally reminds me of Joey on Friends doing his "soap opera acting". I am liking the idea of using more interesting backdrops, though. 

I wore this outfit out to dinner Friday. And then The Boyfriend took his camera home, and we kept forgetting to upload them. So I'm behind and having a hard time writing anything about the outfit, other than, I really liked it. 

Now to get that ice cream. 

card catalogue:
                       necklace--American Eagle
                       skirt--Forever 21
                       shoes--Forever 21

(75/90 to go)


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and I'm loving it. Best of luck with your challenge.

So far all of your outfits are wonderful, so I have confidence that you can pull it off!

Anna Katrina said...

i also just found your blog & love the concept its so cute! hope you can make it to day 90 & then get yourself something amazing

would love you to visit Passport Glamour & follow if you like

Anna Katrina