Something Blue--Day 6

Last night, the Boyfriend and I went on a wedding date. Boyfriend and I actually met at the Bride's apartment, through another friend. Pretty sure the first time we talked it was about our iPhones and back-up batteries. Because we're both smooth like that. 
I realized that all the outfits from this week feature bold colors. I like wearing them a lot, even though I feel like I can wear almost any color. But I keep reaching for those deeply saturated hues and love them all. 
This dress is amazingly comfortable and the perfect length. The shoes, too, are wonderful. That raised platform and wedge makes it feel like I'm not wearing heels at all. Boyfriend and I love to Swing dance, so I did kick the shoes off for that, but that was the only time I didn't keep them on my feet all night. 

card catalogue:
                           necklace--forever 21
                           wrap--old navy

And here's the Boyfriend/photographer:

Good thing he didn't have any boogies. But isn't he cute?

(84/90 to go!)

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Elizabeth said...

You look great in this picture/outfit! So far, so good... keep it up!