New Rule--Day 12

I almost caved. ALMOST. I don't know how it happened, but last night I found myself *just checking* ebay for my favorite sellers. You know, to see what they were selling. Not to buy anything, I told myself.

And then I saw THE BOOTS.

Great goodness, buttery leather, there they were! J. Crew knee-high riding boots in my size. They were glorious. Perfect. Magnificent.

And the price was still under $10 with only 37 minutes left. I almost--ALMOST--caved. No one, aside from me, would know right? I could totally just mix them in and tell everyone that they had been hanging around my closet all winter, unworn. You would have totally bought that, right?


I hovered over the mouse button, and hit click to bid. These are THE BOOTS. The ones I have been waiting for all season. I pictured myself wearing them with skinnies and my chambray shirt, a la Reese Witherspoon. Because, you know, I LOOK JUST LIKE HER.

And then I realized, no matter how great, they wouldn't be worth it.

I would know.

You would probably know.

I hit "cancel".

So, seeing as how it's only 12 days into my shopping challenge and I'm already finding it hard to not shop, I'm enacting a new rule for myself:

4. Any item purchased in violation of rules 1 & 2 must be worn DAILY until the end of the challenge.

I think that will fix me. I may have loved those riding boots and wanted to scandalously make out with them, but come July, I would have probably wanted my flat sandals back. And I can't picture ANY clothing item that I'd want to wear for the next 78 days.

I'll be posting a new outfit from today sometime tonight!

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