Birthday Party--Day 10

There are two things I learned from this photo series. One: Check your hair before photos. Two: Check the shadow. 

Yesterday was my not-so baby brother's 21st birthday. The Boyfriend and I took him out for dinner and his very first (legal) drink. And then the guy didn't even card him. Boo to that. But he did comp us two carafes of Sake and a shot for The Brother. So we'll still be friends with him. 

This shirt is maybe the comfy-iest item of clothing I own. I had been looking for a chambray shirt all Spring and then this one went on sale at Gap a few weeks ago. (Pre-shopping ban!) I'm thinking it will see a lot of wear this summer with shorts and skirts. 

card catalogue:
                      chambray shirt--Gap
                      skirt--Charlotte Russe
                      sandals--Cynthia Vincient for Target

(80/90 to go!)


Frida said...

i love that looking at comments on a Kendi post has let me here..

You have a new loyal follower - and i will cheer, and hopefull be inspired to not spend too much money my self.. ;)

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck!!!

Kenzie said...

I have a chambray from Gap too, so wonderful. Hope your brother survived his 21st!