What I Bought, Part 3--Day 92

So, after establishing that I was an emotional shopper, I started wondering why. Why do I shop at some times versus others? Why do I feel the need for shiny new things?

And I realized, that it's usually when I need to be in control. When something isn't going well, I can always count on shopping.

People aren't like that. People can be having a bad day, or not support you in a way you think they should, or say something offhand that hurts your feelings. Other people aren't controllable.

Life isn't like that either. Things change; people move, get married, have babies; sickness happens; death happens. Life isn't controllable.

I'm not like that. I could have forgotten to mail a bill on time and have to pay a penalty, have a work meeting that's less than stellar, disappoint someone I care about, or say something mean unintentionally. Sometimes, I'm not controllable.

But shopping IS like that. With the high volume of merchandise, I can always count on the Gap, Loft or Target to have something to buy that lets me feel better. With any amount of money, shopping is controllable.

Which is really just a way of saying: I like being in control more than I like feeling out of control.

I'm a control freak. And instead of dealing with that, I was buying stuff.

I'll put what I think about all that tomorrow...if you care to still be my internet therapists, dears.

After The Gap, I think my next favorite place is Target. Mostly because there's literally one right across the street from my neighborhood. Every time I go anywhere, there it is, drawing me in with its bullseye like a homing beacon.

So here's what I bought there:

card catalog:

Items #1 and #2 still have tags. Should I keep or return?


Jenny (closet365) said...

I really like #2. #1 also has potential.

Maybe you could keep them and then design a challenge to wear them a certain number of time to get your money's worth? And also really think about whether they were worth the buy?

I don't know, that sounds like of like punishment but I don't think you need to really get down on yourself here. It sounds like you're on to some good insight about why you buy. Maybe that's a the worthwhile lesson here.

Colleen said...

H&M blue tank... with white pants. or a white skirt. I'm thinking pants though.

Colleen said...

This comment is on the wrong post. I blame kitty. she was starting to post when she jumped up on my keyboard.