What I Bought, Part 2--Day 91

This "not shopping" exercise was good in lots of ways. I learned a lot about my shopping habits by not having them and subsequently secretly re-instating them.

For one, I learned that I am completely an emotionally-based shopper. I work in a field that requires me to raise my own salary and have meetings with LOTS of people in order to do that. When one particularly tanked, that was when I felt the NEED NEED NEED to shop. Logically, this doesn't even make sense, to spend money because I'm worried about money, but there I was, doing just that.

For two, I learned that the Gap clearance rack is my gateway drug. Especially when they're having "Additional 40 Percent Off Sale Items" Sale! It's like they're paying you to shop, kind of.

So here's what started the binge. And I'm shaming myself a bit by listing the prices and links:

card catalog:
                   belted pleated skirt, bright capped-sleeve ruffle top, pocket t, striped tunic (can't find it online!)

Oh and yes, note that two of these items still have the tags. Which means I can return. And maybe I should?

More "What I Bought" coming tomorrow!

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