Reader Request #2--Day 97

So today, I'm continuing my weekly challenge of "Reader Requests", in which blog readers, via comments, tell me how to wear my new clothes. 
Next up is a good friend, Kara. I'm lucky to know her in real life, as she's one of those friends who has learned how to tell the truth, but with kindness and support. She's pretty amazing!
Kara has a great website, karalambert.com, where she posts photos from her portrait sessions. She did a session for me and we had so much fun! I'd recommend her even if she wasn't a friend! 
Here's Kara's outfit suggestion:
KaraM said...

Cotton Puffed Sleave with skinny jeans and heels!
In her honor, I took photos at one of her (and my) favorite places. Can you guess where?
card catalog:
                 top--Diane von Furstenburg (via Plato's)
                 belt--Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart
                 mary janes--Gianni Bini


Melissa said...

Love this look! That's such a great top and the color is fantastic on you.

That's one of my favorite places too! The balls always remind me of giving birth to my daughter because of sitting on the birthing balls during labor. Is that TMI? Sorry. It's funny to me. :)

KaraM said...

TARGET! I actually picked a pretty good look...high five!! :D

KaraM said...

UPdate please! I want to see what you wore to your first day at TTT!

Jonesy said...

I have that top in yellow~

I like your blog a lot. I'm a new follower, yay! Please check out my blog too when you get a chance. Hope you follow back.