Day 90--Utter Failure

So, this one time, I started a blog about not shopping for 90 days and promised to update it.

Then I totally didn't update it for several weeks. 

So much so that The Department of Internet Services came and took it away for blog endangerment and severe neglect. I had to attend a "Successful Blog-Raising" class by court order at a Junior College and pass several inspections by a judically-appointed Blog Advocate. Meanwhile, my blog thrived under the care of a wonderful Foster family, and I'm only slightly hurt that it now calls Donna, "Mom". 

Finally, though, we were reunited. But I do have to confess something:

I didn't post because I.........


And the subsequent guilt made me not want to post. I felt dishonest, like I was letting you guys down. When really, you all probably would have more readily forgiven me than my debit card is going to.

I think I was doing well until I started the "30 for 30 Challenge". And no, I'm NOT blaming the challenge (or Kendi). I think it was hard enough with the not shopping for such a long time to the added stringency of only 30 items.

So I...failed. And I'm a firstborn, so you know it just KILLS me to say that.

Officially, the challenge of 90 days is now almost over. But it's not a total loss. 

I discovered a wonderful world of fashion bloggers and would like to continue, though I'm not exactly sure where to go from here. I think this blog title might have to be changed, so I might be relocating. (And I'll post my forwarding address once I figure out exactly what it is...send me suggestions, if you still read and don't hate me forever?)


Kara Moseby said...

I'm still reading...what did you buy?

If you broke down and bought something, I think we should all get to see what was SOOO Awesome that you just had to buy it!!

Cydney said...

I agree with Kara, show us how awesome it was!

Also, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. That's a mantra for us firstborns if I've ever heard one. ;)

closet365 said...

Agreed with the others. Tell us more. I'm reading!

And anyway, all you have to do is get "back on the wagon" with blogging and with your challenge. You can do it!

Jadekitty said...

You tried, that's what counts. (coming from another first born) I feel your pain :) Have you seen the blog: http://newdressaday.wordpress.com/ It's very inspiring :)