Outtakes--Day 92

A while ago, when I was, you know, actually blogging, I bought my camera remote and took several pics with it. The only problem was that I had my camera on manual focus. Oops. 

There was also some unfortunate shadowing. 

So I never wound up posting these photos from the little photo shoot that day, but just to get back in gear on blogging, here they are. I read blogs often that seem to always have "perfect" pictures straight out of a photo shoot and it's very very easy to quickly get self-critical. It's much hard to remember that my blog has a voice and yes, it is worth something. Maybe not to thousands of readers, but even if just to me, that is something.

And that is enough. 

card catalog: 
                    t-shirt--American Eagle
                    skirt--Old Navy

(I look so unhappy...)
card catalog:
                    dress--J. Crew

card catalog:
                    silk tank--Old Navy
                    sandals--Cynthia Vincent for Target

(This outfit felt very "E from Academichic" to me...probably because she also has this belt.)
card catalog:
                   belt--Old Navy
                   skirt--Ann Taylor Loft (vintage via thrift)


Melissa said...

These are such great outfits!

I love the pattern mixing in the first one.

The navy/green combo is SO fantastic.

I need to find some cute, comfy shorts like yours.

The skirt/tee/belt combo is a favorite of mine and is SO flattering on you!

You look gorgeous in these.

epi said...

uhm, that first outfit is DELICIOUS. care to absolve your sins with a donation? ;)

[winky faces are creepy]

Angeline said...

These outfits are all really cute, but I especially love the second outfit (green dress + jacket).

Colleen said...

Don't feel bad. I mean I feel bad too. I set a timer and run over all the time. I don't even take my photos outside. I never have someone take them for me. But I still do it. You should too.