Saved!--Day 59

So here's some Thursday morning fashion math:

One-half of this outfit was rescued from my Goodwill pile. One-fourth belonged to my mother back in the '70s. One-fourth was $5. 

And I think that makes this outfit one-whole awesome. 

I was shopping in Gap months ago and saw this shirt:

And I thought, "Hmm...that looks familiar!" And then a week later I found myself at my parent's house, looking for old board games when I saw a chambray shirt sticking out of my brothers' and I's old dress-up clothes. I have fond memories of using it to be a policewoman.

It has a '70s collar with stays and is a Sears' store brand. My mom totally wore it back in college. Of course, I immediately stole it. 

The skirt was sitting in the "donate" box for several months because the hem fell out. But as I was sorting things, I remembered that, hey, I can sew now. I'm not sure that I'm sold on it's current length, but it'll do. 

The belt was facing a similar fate because it had always made me feel more like a weightlifter than I'd like. (Which would be, at all, I suppose.)

So I brought them back into my closet, and then to the "30 for 30" in order to fully integrate them. (P.S. Have you checked out the remixers for "30 for 30" yet? There's some great ladies joining in)

(31/90 to go!)


Cydney said...

Love it!

Melissa said...

Great outfit! Love the chambray with the white skirt and brown belt...the pop of yellow adds so much interest to it, too.

Rose @ Rose & Violette said...

How I wish my mother kept her clothes! I love the belt.

Eurotrip Tips said...

Great mixture of styles between modern shiny shoes and vintage pieces.

Ady said...

That top is awesome!

Liz said...

What a great outfits, especially the top, nice save!

Anonymous said...

I believe that your dad wore that when he was in college.