The Bachelorette--Day 60

Blogworld, meet Kara. Kara is a good friend of mine, who just happens to be getting married next Friday. 

Tonight, we celebrated her marriage with a shower and her bachelorette party, and she informed me that I had gotten her hooked on fashion blogs. 

And it's true. I kinda did. Just like my friend Liz got me hooked on them. 

So then, after saying that, Kara asked if I thought she was cute enough to be in my photo today. And, because she's the bride, I said, "I do!"

(She's always super cute. And she's a great photographer!)

card catalog:
Kara:                                                                                 Laura:
        tank--Loft                                                                           top--Target                     
        necklace--Lisa Leonard                                                        bracelet--Wal-Mart
        skirt--Loft                                                                           white jeans--Abercrombie
        sandals--Old Navy                                                                pumps--Old Navy

(30/90 to go!)


Ady said...

You both look terrific!

Jaileen said...

Love Kara's skirt. Both of you look very pretty.

Elizabeth said...

I agree--you both look great, as always!

Can you believe you're 2/3 of the way through your 90 days? And the 30 for 30 will carry you most of the way to the end. Do you want to give your loyal readers any indication of whether you'll be keeping up the blog in your new life?

Laura said...

Ady and Jaileen, don't you think Kara should do a fashion blog as well? Seriously, she's waaay more stylish than me.

Liz, there are thoughts in the works for loyal readers for sure. I'm not sure if I'll have to move the blog to a different name or not, so that's the worry. The format might change as well, but I'm not sure how exactly. But, yes, blogging is too much fun to not continue!